The product. You have it, we will make it.

Outsourced production operations and contract manufacturing

Struggling with capasity issues?

Current equipment not meeting the production requirements?

Continuous hustle? Long leadtimes? Variable resourcing demand?




Who we are and what do we offer?

IT-Line Manufacturing is a professional contract manufacturer offering efficient, versatile and reliable assemply services for various industry areas.

We are part of IT-Line Corporation and therefore we have a privilege to utilize their world-class solutions which we apply for optimizing especially manufacturing and internal logistics processes.

Our main assets are

  • designed assembly solutions,
  • scaling manufacturing environment,
  • high quality,
  • cost-efficiency.


The main goal of our all solutions is to create value to our customers’ business and help our customers to grown; to find best solutions for the customers to improve their performance and increase clarity in their operations.

These solutions are generated by connecting strong expertise in Lean and ergonomics with innovated product development.